Season Ticket Holders.


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Apr 16, 2009
With the announcement from the Government yesterday updating the latest recommendations for COVID-19 epidemic I am pondering what will the situation hold for people who purchased season tickets? I think a lot of people accepted the idea of iFollow and the e-programme as a form of compensation in the short-term but now we are talking about nearly 2/3rds of the season behind closed doors should the Club going to look at this again.

I realise that the Club is going to come under enormous financial pressure during this crisis but I also know a lot of season-ticket holders are facing hardship at this time and for some the outlay is significant. I would imagine a lot of people would have thought twice if they new the possible longevity of the COVID-19 situation and now with the government talking about another six months before crowds are allowed back I would suggest many would have thought long and hard about renewing.

Some will say it isn't the Clubs fault but many people are struggling.

I realise this situation is unprecedented but in view of the latest Government regulations/recommendations I just think it would be wise for the Club to come out with a statement regarding this - and potentially a PR coup if handled correctly.

Antony Moxey

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Jun 24, 2004
Nothing will be done until either the season is finished or a definite date for when we can go back is announced. Until the club know exactly how many games we are forced to miss there's not a lot they can do with regards to refunds, and no point in making statements when the full situation is unknown.


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May 5, 2004
How would season ticket holders feel about being given an iFollow pass for all league matches (home and away) instead of refunds on un-used portions of season tickets? 46 matches would have a retail value of £460, which I think is more than paid for the most expensive season ticket. The cost to the Club would be relatively small and I suspect more than what would be lost by having to make refunds.