[Rerun] Exeter City and Carlisle POSF. KO 5.30pm and 7.45PM


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Jun 4, 2008
As someone who has watched City for 53 seasons I have been lucky to have seen most of our dramatic matches during that time. Like most people in my age group I have the same favourites. Sheffield Wednesday at home in 1968, (I missed the Man Utd home game in 1969) West Brom away in 1973 (still my favourite away match) the Newcastle home game in 1981 and of course the Man Utd away game in 2005. Not forgetting the 3-0 away against Argyle and this season's 4-0 win and the play-off game against Lincoln, with two of my three all time favourite City goals from Ryan and Hiram. Busters goal against Fulham is till my all time favourite. However, the one game for me that tops the lot is the Carlisle home leg in the play-offs of 2017. Watching the whole match again today has just reinforced that memory. Going two up and seemingly going to Wembley and then back they came again. The depth of emotion that those final five minutes created will live with me forever. Seemingly heading for extra time and fearing that we would blow it, only for Jack Stacey to pop up with his incredible goal. Just one word for it, WOW!