Postcard collectors - help needed

Northants Grecian

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May 3, 2005
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Mum is finally moving to a smaller house and has therefore passed on dad's postcard collection for me to sell on her behalf.

There are 3 albums - one focussing on north Devon (especially chulmleigh) and two more about exeter and other parts of gods own county.

Does anyone know any dealers in the area? I can find the following list but there isn't a lot to go on...

Any advice gratefully received...

Colesman Ballz

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Dec 28, 2014
My advice would be to place them in Bearnes Hampton and Littlewoods (Okehampton St, Exeter.) next Collectors Sale on the 19th May. There is live Internet bidding, so this will attract the widest possible interest, with serious collectors and dealers picking up on them with internet search engines.

There are a lot of local collectors with regular Post Card Fairs, taking place at Broadclyst. Off the dealers you list, the only one I know personally is Anne Scott (a retired teacher from Exmuff ?). She is always to be found viewing cards at Bearnes and the other local auction houses.

There is a long lead in time for this auction, so if you decide to go to go down this route you will need to act fast to ensure entry and get maximum exposure. Bearne's phone number is 01392 413100, and the person to contact is Martin McIlroy.

If all else fails PM me, I am also friendly with a guy in Abergavenny (originally from Christow way). He and his wife are primarily collectors, but always have a stall at Broadclyst. Selling to a dealer will likely realize around 50% of value, which you should easily better in the right auction, even after sellers premium has been deducted