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Apr 26, 2004
Net Zero is the new Brexit then.

I find it interesting how people fall into their expected polarised positions on this stuff, it's rarely hard to tell which side an individual will take on these issues.

Tackling climate change through democracy has always felt like a big ask to me - it's very hard to get people to vote for sacrifice. Preying on that feels like a cynical way to win elections, but I think it's a clever play by Rishi and more likely to work than using immigration as their ace card.

Capitalism will have to save us from the worst of climate change, and it will be compelled to once it truly starts impacting on profit - we just have to hope that it won't be too late to reverse by then.


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May 5, 2009
Avoiding the Hundred
His political savviness is indeed in doubt, but his leadership skills are demonstrably very good. How many commentators thought that the basket case that was the Labour Party in 2019 would be poised for victory in less than two parliaments? The best that most predicted for Starmer was that he would be Kinnock, doing the hard remedial work and preparing the ground for a subsequent leader's victory. Even you must give him credit for what he has achieved Shirley?
Yes he can have some credit


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Aug 23, 2004
Cabinet minister Michael Gove said the remarks showed Labour would "compromise" potential Brexit benefits

And what "potential Brexit benefits" might they be? Do tell....
A rhetorical question I’m guessing?
A troublesome week for Labour on the Brexit front I would suggest.
The political cache and positive spectacle of SKS being feted by Macron at Versailles required him to show a bit of EUrophile leg I think, although its been curious to witness Labour having to nervously reassure and clarify that the ideas they’ve floated themselves are not as advertised.
From a leave voter perspective it’s interesting to witness that Brexit remains an issue that Starmer struggles to deal with.