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Jun 19, 2005
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You must be one of those Brexit purists who thought our leaving meant zero immigration from the EU.
I'd imagine those in the Tory party and others are really "Wincing" at this but TBH for a short term solution there is no other answer, We can't magic HGV drivers out of thin air, Training takes time and is expensive, Carrying fuel and other hazardous materials takes longer, The real problem comes when other sectors like carers, hospitallity etc come along and say they want the same treatment because of their staffing issues.

The rules we've put in about EU immigration along with other countries make it difficult, I think they need to earn at least £36k pa and other critiea before being accepted, HGV drivers will probably fit that but carers, waiting staff etc will struggle to.

The Government and the Companies affected should have seen this coming, The Covid thing meant a lot went home and haven't returned, The av age of a driver is 55, The Companies should be asking themselves why younger people weren't coming into this and the older drivers would have had enough of driving and got out, Obvious pay was not as good and conditions like loos, decent parking and resting areas have disappeared, Not much fun if you're spending up to 5 nights out.
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Jul 9, 2019
The days of opening a fresh box of cheap to hire Eastern European’s are over. U.K. firms need to look after and invest in their workforce. I’m not sure they get it yet.
This aged well. I’m not sure who needs to “get it” though. The truth of ideology over reality.


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Aug 23, 2004
That's me! I'm a sucker for stuff written on a bus. Can't believe the lorry driver fairies haven't filled the vacancies.
No fairies required.
Just businesses competent enough to staff themselves properly.
We clearly have a situation where some businesses used to a near endless supply of foreign labour are struggling to deal with the new reality, a reality no doubt compounded by Covid unfortunately.
Rather than invest in their staff so as to perform their core function, they’re mired in the old reality of poor pay and conditions.
Interesting to note that so many of the so called progressives on here are wilfully failing to see that as regards the pay of ordinary folk this is a good news story, perhaps they’re not as progressive as they would have us believe.


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Jul 29, 2004
Many of those European truckers detained in holding pens for days last Christmas without food or loos won’t be chomping at the bit to get a UK ‘visa’ done.