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Peterborough Utd (H) Discussion Thread

Billy The Fish

Well-known Exeweb poster
Apr 12, 2015
I'm in agreement with those saying there will be goals a-plenty on Saturday and we could get the points if we cut out the errors at the back. Not underestimating Posh mind (why are they called that?) and we could easily get tonked if we're not up to scratch.
0-0 bore draw then.

John William

Well-known Exeweb poster
Dec 14, 2009
Am I right in think there's space for 7,000 home fans (and 1,400 away) at the moment?
📝 St James Park Capacity - News - Exeter City FC

"This reduces our capacity to 8219 before segregation and any unused away capacity"

The realistic maximum is therefore 1,300 away (350 + 950) and 6,800 or so home, say just over 8,000 in total. The unused away capacity is not generally available for home fans for logistical reasons.

It was 7,816 for the Bristol Rovers game (where they also sold all their allocation and after over 60 no-shows, 1,232 away) and 6,514 home.

If we sell out the home seats and all but 600 on the BB and Posh only bring 400 that indicates a realistic attendance of around 6,500, less any no-shows where we get the money anyway (ST holders are counted whether they attend or not).