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Nigel E

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Nov 2, 2004
Well no, all the trophies including the 88 FA Cup 'belong' to MK.
They don't - at least according to MK Dons themselves. They physically returned the trophies to Merton Council and do not claim any of Wimbledon FC's history. This is how the club handles the situation on their website:

From a company history point of view MK Dons Ltd was incorporated in 2003.

Given the sensitivities vis-a-vis AFC Wimbledon that is how the owners prefer to handle it. In effect, they've declared Wimbledon FC defunct having first snaffled their place in the league and set up a new company to operate in its place.

It's a messy business that hopefully won't ever be repeated. The one club that the history doesn't belong to though is AFC Wimbledon - whatever their fans might claim.