Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager to Col Utd now Stevenage


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Dec 30, 2015
It is early days and it will take Tisdale time to sort out the team,but after listening to Matt Taylor’s post match talk on radio Devon,it was miles apart from the gibberish nonsense that Tisdale used to trot out,I don’t think the gas fans will be as tolerant as we were

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Jun 29, 2007
With us he had 2 promotions in his first 3 seasons so we were always going to be tolerant, as let's be honest we weren't used to being top half at the time, let alone being promoted. If he did the same with Rovers he'd be the messiah there as well.

Whatever way you look at it Tisdale was good for us. Yes he stayed to long, yes he left under a cloud, yes we got as fooked off with his jiberish as he did our lack of appreciation, but he's gone now and all parties have moved on.

Rovers have always struck me as having delusions of grandeur. In my 30 plus years of watching City they've never been much better than we are, yet appear to be one of those clubs who think they're a sleeping giant. Writing off a manager with a decent record before he's even started his work for them says it all. Perhaps they were hoping Pep wasn't going to sign another deal at Man City and was heading South to Bristol!


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Apr 1, 2004
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Funny that it was a freezing cold might at The Memorial when I first realised Tis had it in him to be abusive, started shouting and gesturing at fans behind him for, I don't know what, I was quite shocked! I was also at Stevenage on that famous occasion, maybe it was me he took objection to?
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