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Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

Grecian in Guzz

Well-known Exeweb poster
Dec 10, 2019
Exiled 40 milesish West
Newcastle United have got a "Why Aye" coach.
And that lot 40 milesish west of the Fair City of Exeter have a 'Manchester Pie' coach !

Billy The Fish

Well-known Exeweb poster
Apr 12, 2015
I heard an interview with Gary Neville a little while ago in which he said that Man Utd employed an eye coach (might not be the right title). Players would see them when coming back from injury to make sure that their vision was tuned in to what was needed during a match.

Of course, wearing a high vis kit instead doesn't always work...

We had the situation at Salford where the stewards had to change jackets or move away from the touchline because of the colour clash.