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Apr 1, 2004
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Sorry to bore you all, but here goes anyway...

Well, having been offline through the Christmas break, this is my first chance really to post since Wycombe on Boxing Day. I listened to most of the Colchester match but none of yesterday's match, so can't comment on the Yeovil match, but...

Frankly I was astounded at some of what I witnessed behind the goal at Wycombe. While I applaud the efforts of the "Siege" mob in terms of what they did (I couldn't join them on account of having a rather frightened daughter in attendance who only brightened up in the second half when we were sat with Al Crockford and young ECFC), it was the other stuff that really got my goat.

I have oft referred to "targets", the City "support" (and I use the term advisedly) seems to pick one and will have a go at them regardless. This isn't a new thing - I remember the day we lost at Tamworth in, I assume, 06/07, where it was the height of the anti-Buckle nonsense, and he was getting it in the neck for doing no worse than other players who were "praised for the effort".

In recent times the target has been Marcus Stewart - he was out of the side pre-retirement so the target became Paul Jones. He buggered off so the target became his namesake Billy. He got injured so the cycle turns back round to David Noble.

Case in point at Wycombe. Noble is surrounded by blue shirts. Sercombe, instead of spreading the play, whacks the ball shin-high 5 yards to him. All Noble can do is attempt to get the ball down before the three oppo players rob him. You'd think if anyone were to be berated it would be Sercs for the ridiculous poor pass, but no, a cacophany of "F***ing RUBBISH, Noble!" rang out from most of those around me.

Come the end of the game and a bunch of fans start berating Tisdale - those around me as we walked out were yelling about getting rid of Noble and getting a new captain. Notwithstanding the fact that IMO Noble was probably our best player - driving forward with purpose and the heartbeat of a lot of the good that we did that day. Not his fault Tully was torn apart by their winger and in Trotta they had someone who knew how to find the net with aplomb. Three chances, three goals. For the rest of the match I thought we pummelled them and had Bauza not faffed around for the penalty we'd have won. Ho hum.

Come Colchester and again we seemed to enjoy (by the evidence of the radio comms) the lion's share of possession, only to be undone by a combination of a couple of well-worked goals and the cynicism of the home defenders, unchecked by inadequate officials. Then Danny Coles (who in the games I've seen has barely put a foot wrong) gets himself sent off, suddenly it all comes out that he's the worst defender in christendom. People on FB mentioning that Exeweb has gone into meltdown.

And now today I come online after the break to find thread after thread berating individuals, the team, the management, the tea lady.

I never thought I'd get to the stage where I saw visiting Exeweb as a chore rather than something to look forward to, less so the stage where I saw watching a City match amongst the City "support" to be something to rile me up rather than be enjoyed. I have in recent years made a conscious decision not to visit Exeweb at least until the Monday morning after a Saturday game or the next morning after a midweek game, as the site becomes unbearable whether City win, lose or draw at that time.

If we win, it's "City are the greatest, take that you negative sods!" to which the negative sods reply about how lucky we were, or one win doesn't change things, or whatever.

If we lose, it's "City are the worst, take that you rose-tinters!" to which the rose-tinters reply about how unlucky we were, or one defeat doesn't change things, or whatever.

If we draw, repeat cycle for a defeat. Add in something about Target A, Coach B, Director of Football C, Atmopshere D, Crowd E, Youth policy F, etc.

In this dawning of a new era for Exeweb, is it too late to hope that there may be a modicum of rational thinking in the future? No? Shame.

Anyway, if you have made it this far, bravo, you obviously are as sad a git as I am. Just to summarise my views:

1. Let's think about our "targets", why are you targeting them for abuse? Do they justify it? Why? Do you think that yelling at them (especially when it isn't their fault) isn't counter-productive in the slightest?

2. Positivity breeds positivity. In 09/10, when relegation stared us in the face, a simple suggestion to get behind the team from the moment they stepped off the bus helped generate a positive atmosphere and, lo and behold, we lost only one more match all season. Same to an extent this season - Al Yates calls for a siege mentality, fans get behind players, lo and behold an upturn. Sadly my belief that the "organisation" of the siege into something of a "club" having diluted the impact somewhat holds firm.

3. What were people's expectations this season? We lost, through being a tiny fish in a comparatively big pond, several of our key players. People have complained that we haven't replaced them with players of equal quality. Well, duh! Ryan Harley has emerged as a top end Championship player. Paul Jones has been playing in the Championship and earning decent reviews. Matt Taylor rightly took the money and ran and is now a very good bet to be playing in the Championship next season. Cureton rightly took the money (and security of a long contract) and ran - although his return has been less than that of another current City "target", John O'Flynn. We lost these players by dint of having been successful last season, attracting the vultures with a lot more money than we can offer. Them's the breaks.

Anyway, apologies again. Off my chest now. Do carry on.


Aug 15, 2008
best post I've seen in ages Jason. Couldn't agree more and has restored my faith in exeweb. Lets get behind the boys and stay up this season. UTC!


Feb 5, 2011
Glad you got that out of your system because I completely agree. We HAVE to get behind the team and Tis if we want to move forward / get out of this rut. They play... to win.


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Oct 24, 2009
Hanging up the boots.
Listen to you lot. It is 668 paragraphs of moaning ffs, hardly worthy of.all the praise.

To reply to your point though, there have always been scapegoats in every team so it is nothing to do with Exeweb or City fans.

I don't have a scapegoat coz I think nearly all our players are lazy and sh*t so I am exempt from the criticism so thanks.

grecIAN Harris

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Mar 9, 2004
In the drivers seat..........
The issue is not so much the seeming target of individuals, it's the lack of reasoning, however, right or wrong it maybe, that doesn't come with it. It could be argued that I came into one of Jason's aforementioned groups when I was forever on Jonesy's case but I would back up what I was saying with some kind of justification (whether you thought I was right or wrong was, as always, open to debate and I was quite happy to have that with you).
It strikes me that most of those who have been targeted by Jason OP are the new generation of Exewebbers. You'd do well to heed what is being said as you might find then that Exeweb is a far more interesting read as you might just start to get some of the 'old skool' back who have a different slant on things and the debate would be enjoyable. They're not necerserily rose tinters either.

Grecian Max

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May 6, 2005
Sigh,, Jason being anti Siege Army again

"Same to an extent this season - Al Yates calls for a siege mentality, fans get behind players, lo and behold an upturn. Sadly my belief that the "organisation" of the siege into something of a "club" having diluted the impact somewhat holds firm."

The reality is this - the siege mentality Facebook campaign was only going to be for the short term, 5/6 games at most. It was great in galvanising support behind the team and contribute to some epic performances. However once gone, it's gone... like so many other bursts of positivity I've seen at City over the years.

By using the siege name, the idea/mentality of getting behind ECFC no matter what, was already in place. This nicely ties into the ultras mentality - so IMO it was a natural evoutlion, although one that could only happen with organisation. Without it I think it would have been harder to yet the flags etc going. It's hardly Dortmund's terrace at the moment, but the Bank is that little bit more colourful at the moment, and the better for it. It's not a total answer to the BB's usual morgue like atmosphere, but it's a contribution. Not sure why, but your throwaway remarks irk me a little (oohh I don't want to be like Accy, embarrassing, more flags than fans etc). It is missing the point as well as the future of English support, when fans finally realise our terrace culture has completely evaporated, leaving us the quietist and least interesting across the whole of Europe.

So no, I don't accept it's diluted the impact, they are now two separate entities - and hopefully something that can actually last rather than become lost in city folklore.
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Big Nose

Dec 6, 2004
The 'negative sods' will always moan. At the Yeovil game, just after they hit the bar, someone behind the dugout shouted to Tisdale 'Rubbish Tisdale, we should be one down now.' Funny tho as I could swear Dunne had hit their bar earlier!!!