New Steve Perryman book

Billy The Fish

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Apr 12, 2015
With sincere apologies if I'm wrong but was his life not saved at SJP one dark day ?

You would think that might count for something in his memories.


Jul 12, 2019
Then Perryman should know better. you cant be friends with the person at some point you're inevitably going to sack.

I'm thinking Stevie boy was a huge part of the reason Paul was a stubborn man.
I don't think Perryman had the power to sack any of our managers. That would be a boardroom and Trust decision as showed when the Trust served notice on Tis' contract following the motion in the AGM.

If you have a close working relationship with someone, friendship in a possibility. Although Perryman was titled director of football, in effect he was an advisor/mentor both to Tis (and Eamo and Alex before) and the board on football matters. They were both close to Taggy who took a different decision at the end of it all as City is and always has been his club to support.

At the end of the day relations break down, sometimes amicably, sometimes acrimoniously. This is the second of those options and the sores are still there for a lot of supporters as shown by the threads. It takes two sides to be acrimonious, and a blindness to see why the other side might feel the way they do. In that way, long term bitterness lay, and does neither side any good as the ability to move on clearly is comprised as those past feelings will still inform your view.

Sorry, I know I could have said just chill and move on 🙂