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My New Football Club Podcast

Bridgy 81

Active member
Jun 9, 2021
I get the impression that most of Jon's opinions about the club and its fans are inherited from his dad, so if, and obviously I don't know if this is true, his dad has the view that exweb is rubbish and full of idiots, then Jon will also adopt that position, without really objectively appraising it.
IMO, exeweb over the last couple of years has been the best it’s been over the 12 years I’ve been contributing, and there has been some great discussion and debate. There always has been but there was a time when there were several posters who seemed to spend most of their time insulting people and pretty much everyone involved in the
There will always be people who seem to incline towards negativity and for some reason, those who have taken against exweb, always seem to focus on that aspect and paint the whole of exweb in that light, whilst completely ignoring those who have consistently posted reasoned opinions. Of course there is disagreement and one posters opinion may be viewed by another as utterly ludicrous, but if we all agreed with each other, exweb would be a pretty pointless exercise!
A couple of years ago coincides with when I joined 😉


Active member
Jun 1, 2008
Yeah Exeweb is immeasurably better than it was, sometimes I'm pretty sure I was having discussions with three separate accounts, that were all the same person backing themselves up, and it was bloody attritional at times, attacked for the most benign opinions.

A mate of mine came on just to do a bit of a match report because he'd been to a sparsely attended away match oop North, and he was savaged for it, from about 5 different posters (which may have amounted to 2 people who knows?) he just deactivated his account after one post. Hey I'm sure some will call him a snowflake, even though that term wasn't used much back then, but having new members is the only way a Site survives, or else it becomes same old members having the same old beefs over and over, and it becomes tedious.

Having said all that I get that Jon doesn't come here, I mean forums are really an older person thing, I mean do we have any regular members under the age of 25? or even bloody 30. Just think this medium is not seen as relevant to the yoof of today.

Many of the fora that I started to post on when I first got a home PC, probably when Jon was in nappies, just don't exist anymore, or are shadows of what they once were.

Northants Grecian

Well-known Exeweb poster
May 3, 2005
In a meeting somewhere, some place...
I do enjoy the pod but their defensiveness around a few random comments on a forum is cringe. To be fair, David has softened and is clearly a fan of Exeweb, but Jon and Colonel Trandy still get regular digs in, which doesn’t warm me to them.

Funny that the colonel claimed the recent moves of the players he mentioned proved that he was right that they could have come to Exeter, when the players in question signed for Stockport, Oxford, Notts County, etc - all clubs with way more money than us. All good fun though.

That said, I find his info interesting and the pod as a whole is a decent listen. And David is still very funny, I did have a chuckle at his reason for doubting any rumours coming from anyone’s cousin 🤣
Yep - I listened to the same episode trying to square the circle

“Will grigg was available because he’s now left Milton Keynes - but he isn’t coming here so who cares” 🤷‍♀️