Mayweather McGregor


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Apr 18, 2009
If you can go 50 fights unbeaten the you deserve a fair amount of respect but that snarly nosed, Irish chav tag showed Mayweather no respect whatsoever. I would have like to have seen Mayweather properly rammed his teeth back down his throat.
You sure it ain't all hype Ian? The prospect of this fight mesmerised the globe and seriously padded out their old back pockets.

Many thought Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier were the bitterest of enemies and yet behind the scenes they were friends. When Ali appeared on the British 'This Is Your Life' Frazier flew in from the US to appear on the show. Frazier also mentioned on the show that he gave Ali frequent lifts in his car. Also, when Ali was out of boxing for 3 years Frazier loaned him money.