Matt Taylor to Charlton?

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Jun 9, 2021
Professional? Does this involve the nightime hours?😲🧐😂
No it didn’t, plus I’m retired now and the only night time work I do these days is in a voluntary capacity (true)!!
and on that cryptic note I’ll leave it there before this thread is seriously derailed 🙂

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Jun 29, 2007
Absolutely. I thought MT said a lot of sensible and perceptive things. As we know, he gives a good interview/post match analysis so it was good for him to get exposure to this work. Sky often use managers from already promoted clubs for play off punditry - they are inevitably people who know (much more) about the two teams playing. And of course League Two managers/players don't book holiday that clashes with the play offs in case they are in them.

One thing MT will have learnt from his media role in these games is that , when answering questions from the show's anchor you should give the answer to the camera not to the person asking the question.
He will also learn when watching it back that he needs to stand still and not sway from side to side continuously.

i'm not sure he needs to look at the camera when answering the question from the anchor but he should be looking at the camera when she is speaking generally and not directly to him rather than MT just staring at her from about 2 ft away!
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May 9, 2010
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It was my son's football club awards ceremony this afternoon. He was awarded players' player for his age group.

Who should be there giving up his time for nothing on a Sunday, shaking the hands of players aged 8 to 18 but Matt Taylor.

We should treasure him.
Well done, Matt. We couldn't have a better manager and bloke : dread the day that you leave.
Inspired decision by the Board to take you on.