Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!


Aug 15, 2009
Cant believe we haven't heard anything yet. even if it was the club have given an extension to Matt to make a decision etc. they'll be in training about now. so assume it must be coming imminently. Should have had something yesterday after the excellent woman's game.

C j phill

Dec 1, 2016
Given his stated ambition, it's no surprise that MT is strongly considering the offer (and of course, may have already accepted).

My concern is how the possible move, at this time, with the prospect of losing other coaching members, will affect the first team, immediately and through the remainder of the season. All of the players were recruited/flowed from the Academy, as a result of his decisions. It will be interesting to see how they respond to a new manager.

The League has implemented two transfer windows for players and the manager situation has only arisen because of Derby's decision to remove their manager who was in place at the start of the season. Perhaps the League should introduce a similar situation for managers, where, although able to dismiss someone for underachieving, they can only be replaced in-season by someone who is on a contract of less than 12 months, or was out of work at that time. This would provide some stability to existing managers and perhaps reduce the hire and fire approach that clubs have towards that group of employees.


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Apr 6, 2004
The lack of statement indicates that MT isn't staying and they will do an official presser today to announce it.
Or, maybe, just that the media team need a few hours off occasionally.

Thinking about this positively, if MT was going I think they'd be obliged to out something out before it comes out elsewhere; if, on the other hand he's staying then perhaps there's not quite such a rush.