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Mansfield Town v Exeter City match day thread.


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Dec 6, 2004
Phil Mickelson is right handed and learnt to play golf left handed by mirroring his father.

At all levels of football you get players who are pretty good with both feet and some who are terrible with their weaker foot, most somewhere in-between. It's just the way it is.


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Apr 1, 2004
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There are players that are right footed and players that are left footed. There are players that are one footed and players that can use their unfavoured feet to a degree. Jevani Brown showed that he has some ability in both feet v Bristol, rifling in a right footer with aplomb. Sadly neither Caprice nor Sparkes could be said to be anywhere like two footed and don't think any amount of practise can change that.

Got bored of saying this months ago, Jake Caprice is a good right back but ineffective on the left, why not try swapping wings with Key, it might liven up Key's flagging season and if it doesn't work switch back. I'm still shocked that at Mansfield Caprice remained at left back and Sparks was played on the right!
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Dec 3, 2020
My take on the game as one of the 392. For the first and last half an hour we were much the better side. Aside from the two goals Dawson had little to do. Stubbs was by far and away the best player on the pitch and I actually thought by and large Grounds played well. Coley was a threat and his development will alas see him spurn chances but we need to be patient and allow him to grow into the player that we all hope he will become. As is often the case it's when a player is missing you really notice it and without Jevani we didnt have that creative element that binds the team together. I thought Caprice despite being wasteful at times was excellent and clearly Mansfield identified it as three players were often on his tail when he received the ball. I'm hoping that MJ's goal kickstarts his season as he was again largely a pale shadow of his former self. Mansfield didnt look all that but took their chances when we didnt. Both their goals were partly as a result of one of our players switching off - huge gap on the first with I think Phillips not with his centre half and the second Dieng getting dragged across when we already had the numbers to cover leaving the 44 in acres of space. The difference between the teams was marginal. Get back to winning ways on Tuesday and this loss will feel less important