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Little things that annoy you


Very well known Exeweb poster
Apr 2, 2004
Happy to retract G2. I was just pulling your plonker but you knew that. :)

Give Staffie a huge hug from me. ♥

I used ADIEU as a starter quite a lot. As you say, it tests 4 vowels but OURIE (a lovely Scottish word the meaning of which you will like) and OUTIE (which I remember from the classifications of belly buttons in the film "Coma" ) are IMO superior with many words ending in E and not so many in U. R and T more common than D I think. These miss out on the A mind unless Aurie is valid. Have you tried the North Korea version ?

Love Wordle me
My 222 steak came to an end 3 weeks ago with GNASH. Rather appropriate


Sep 4, 2021
bbc website having men and women football both on the same page can be very confusing.

Jason H

Staff member
Apr 1, 2004
Hounslow, Middlesex
Madam's school is outdoing itself at the moment, now she is in her GCSE year. Firstly they arranged for her to do extra Chemistry (presumably as due to a bout of gastroenteritis she missed several of her Y10 mocks and/or attended while ill), but on the one day of the week she wasn't able to do it, so she asked if she could be set the extra work to do as homework. Sure thing, they said. Last Thursday I then get a snotty letter from the school about her absence from the Chemistry class, I sent one back then got a grovelling apology phone call from the head of science. He'd forgotten to communicate to the powers that be about the arrangement.

Yesterday I get a letter from the school saying about English revision sessions (presumably in her case to make sure she gets the top grade as in her Y10 mock she was already at grade "7"), and that Madam is required to attend - only the session is on the Saturday of half term when we're due to be away. I'll be speaking to the school about this - if it's absolutely 100% vital she goes that means having to rearrange our dates to head down to Dorset - and most importantly I miss the Wigan match. But hey, they can have a number of days off (sorry, "staff training") during term time but woe betide we want to actually enjoy a bit of time off ourselves during the actual holidays.