League 2 - Tuesday 5th April

Grecian in Guzz

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Dec 10, 2019
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Pretty content with the results tonight. While Vale winning isn’t ideal, we’ve got a game in hand on them and we’re still ahead by 2 points.

Overall, still being 5 points clear with no one having games in hand on us, and most playing one more, is fantastic for us at this stage.

As much as it’d be great to win the league, I just want to get promoted automatically, and tonight’s results has made that a tiny bit more realistic.
Plus we might have a 6 pointer with PV at home to look forward to on last day of season.


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Dec 3, 2020
Vale's result tonight illustrates only too clearly why it was so so important that FGR beat Mansfield tonight. All that matters is getting over the line and frankly my dear I dont give a damn about top spot. Until we have the points in the bag then we can have a think about it then :)

Snoop Fog

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Jun 29, 2007
Our run in is harder than some of those around us.

Only Bristol Rovers have a more difficult one imo (6 pointers every week pretty much).

Northampton have it easy aside from playing us.
As do Vale, again aside from playing us and Brizzle.
The thing is it's very difficult to say what is or isn't an easy run at this stage of the season. You can argue that it's not a good time to play teams in a relegation battle as they're fighting for their lives, it's not a good time to play teams desperately trying to make play offs or secure autos, and those in between with nothing left to win or lose are playing for their futures, new contracts, and generally play with freedom as there's nothing to lose.

It's why the end of season always throws up some strange results.