Last time you saw someone famous


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Jul 24, 2009
Mersham Kent
You should worry. I left behind loads of original Marvel comics when our family returned from Australia. ie Early 60s ones.
In similar vein , my late younger sister was a bit of a wild one way back when and hung around all the old bands and groups who visited Exeter on gigs back in the sixties and early seventies. ( She even brought the odd group back to mum and dad’s house on the Stoke Hill Estate from time to time.) Anyway , she always got their autographs which included groups like the Beatles ( she had their autographed photos etc in spades. To cut a long story short , when she got married , my brother in law who was in the navy ,was prone to having random clean outs without telling her when he was home on leave.He threw away the whole lot one day which included a dozen or so autographs etc of said Beatles , plus many other well known groups of the era. A few thousand pounds went to the tip there!