John Fox

Andy Holloway

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Nov 20, 2013
For those who knew him through his many duties at SJP, latterly as Car Parking Supremo for the area behind the BB, you may not have heard the news but John died on 23rd November following a long fight with cancer.

John's involvement with ECFC went deeper that just the car park as, for many years, he was the man who came in for 3 or 4 days following a home match to sort and clear all the mounds of rubbish, among other things.

As a tribute to him a plaque was organised by friends and colleagues, to be placed on the memorial wall. Thanks to sterling organisation work by Andy Gilliard, plus the help of our friends at Signs Express, this plaque was delivered last week and was put it place yesterday.

John had been one of the first to fund a plaque in memory of family & friends, his being for his late wife, Myrtle. As such, when John's plaque came to be fixed in position it was only appropriate that he and Myrtle should be together again, in perpetuity, so Myrtle's plaque was removed and re-affixed next to John's.


Feb 22, 2010
Andy--- Related to Car Parking-- Helping John Fox for years was a MR Wright (of known fame!)
On saturday I saw Mr Wright being helped into the hadicap toilets not looking at all well
Has he had a bad spell? If he has please pass on our best wishes.