Is Football losing its appeal?


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Feb 27, 2006
Wondering if I'm on a different planet
I watched my first game at SJP in February 1948 – 56 years ago this month, expecting to see Tommy Lawton play for Notts Co (he didn’t!). Over these years of supporting ECFC through good years (very few) and bad (all too many) I have never questioned my enthusiasm for football, I am now beginning to question whether the game still has the same appeal to me.

IMHO the game has lost its way and I see no way that is going to find it again. The modern game appears to be based more on “professionalism” (a buzz word for gamesmanship and cheating whenever possible), encouraged by officials who seem reticent to enforce even the most basic of rules, e.g. that a player not retreating 10 yards from free kick should be booked. There are of course numerous other examples. This has now reached the stage where the football ability takes second place to the ability to take advantage of weak officials.

I am now being expected to pay an increased amount for my season ticket by a Chief Executive who, with a cricket background rather than a football one, does not appear to recognise that the charge should relate to the attraction or the law of diminishing returns.

And now a player who is probably past his best can look forward to a five and a half year contract worth £300,000 per WEEK! To me this is a total disgrace and indicates where peoples’ priorities lie.

So can I still justify a chunk of my pension being spent on something that for various reasons is losing its appeal to me? I am seriously questioning whether I should blow the final whistle at the end of the season.


Feb 22, 2010
Old codger-sir--I could have not put it any different!
Next August I will have 60 years notched up at SJP & like you I also wanted to
see Tommy Lawton only to be denied.

Our disenchantment with the game could be down to the Utter rubbish we are being
dished up with at the moment.

The idiots that have formulated next seasons admin. prices need to sit back
& think about what they have done!
They sit around the table and seem to have little knowledge of the real world----
Just like the current government,they do not appear to live in the REAL WORLD.

Unless you buy a season ticket (5weeks before the end of this season) you & I
will have to cough up 50%more gate money to see rubbish like today.
That's 50% when inflation is 2% I wish the pension would follow suit!!

Taking this week for example when we have 3 game within the week where are we going to find £54
When the crowd start to stay away in ever larger numbers -because they cant afford to go
the budget starts to fall apart---this in turn means smaller playing budget---this means worse
players--this means poorer games--this means smaller gates -and in the end...............

Come on WOOLFE nice try but I think you had better think again about admin prices
before it is too late.


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Mar 21, 2013
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Two excellent posts above and while I can't match your supporting years (I am just over 40 years supporting) I fully endorse your sentiments.
If this is the feeling among long standing supporters then these are very worrying times for the club and it is about time they sat up and took notice.


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Oct 27, 2013
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very well said, i find it so very wrong that if you buy on line you save rather than potg, its gonna drive away the fans that decide on a saturday they wanna watch a game

I have been thinking about a ST but im very worried we will get the same rubbish served up again next season

Anyway, im only in my 31 yr a supporter (first game 1983 aged 6) i long for a big job to come in so i can say sorry lads cant go saturday got to much work on

The club needs a complete shake up from top to bottom


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Jun 22, 2007
One thing myself and friends noticed this past summer was that the kids were wearing far fewer replica football shirts than we can ever remember (since they came into 'fashion'). The ones we did see were mostly for Northern teams, that still have fanatical support.


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Jul 29, 2004
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First two posts; two loyal and longstanding 'customers' priced out, and/or disillusioned with an increasingly inferior product. Common theme these days.

No everyday business could survive that, and yet again the football industry sits idly by watching the pumping up of the ever bulging balloon with Rooney's inflated wage hike, to be followed closely by increased ticket prices to pay for it all, as always.

People cry 'let the market decide', 'economics' 'supply and demand' et al. Fine, but currently, each loyal and longstanding 'customer' priced out at the top in the Prem, is readily replaced by a plastic bag-carrying tourist, only without an ounce of the passion or emotional attachment of the displaced. Should those vital ingredients that differentiates our game from most others worldwide, the passionate stadium atmosphere, ever be lost, the game will free fall.

To see where our game is heading, you only have to look at the state of the NFL, the way the 'ordinary' fan has been priced out, where before buying a season ticket he first has to purchase a 'Personal Seat License', and tickets are all bought through expensive third party operators. Should be no surprise if we go the same way, considering the growing number of US owners influencing the EPL.

Natural that EPL world means a trickle down effect to the lower leagues; not necessarily the talent, skill or ability but the diving, gamesmanship, agents, higher wages, inflated tickets, sense of entitlement, celebrity status etc. etc. etc. Result being, both the product and the price suffering, the game IS losing its appeal.

Only in our case, there's no gullible glory-hunting Home counties type willing to sit in either Older Codger or City Regular's seat next season, both'll be empty.