Horse Racing Thread


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Jul 12, 2019
Looks a beautiful day down there in Exeter judging by the horse racing coverage i'm watching from the meeting at Exeter today. Just had one winner actually. Looked beaten about half a mile out too. Only backed it due to the trainer being Harry Fry who trains next to the lovely holiday lodge we stayed in a few years ago near Crewkerne in somerset.
Working from home and looking out over mid Devon with lots of blue sky and a few small fluffy white clouds is making me itch for five o'clock 😉


Jan 28, 2016
Absolutely disgusted by these rednecks.

Gordon Elliott: Dead horse photo sees Irish trainer banned in Britain - BBC Sport

FRESH SHAME FOR RACING: New video 'shows jockey Rob James jumping on top of a dead horse' | Daily Mail Online

I've often toyed with giving up my interest in horse racing as i've long thought it was perhaps a cruel sport and it's just humans just using animals for their own ends. Mr Elliott has made my mind up for me. My interest in horse racing stops right here. Right now. So i guess no more posts on this thread from me.

I've never bet on greyhound racing because i just find the callous manner in which greyhounds are disposed of after their racing life is also disgusting. I thought horse racing was a lot more accountable and transparent but obviously i was wrong.

We should not be using / exploiting animals for our own greed or pleasure and maybe i should be thanking the odious Elliott for finally drumming that into me.

It's a shame as i love to go to meetings but it's time to call it a day with the 'Sport of Kings'. Sport of greed and animal abuse more like. This is not what i'm about and i no longer can be comfortable with saying that i am a horse racing fan.


Dec 30, 2014
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Always wondered why trainers are prepared to send a horse from their base at somewhere like Taunton for a race at a track far away, like say Market Rasen when the likely odds of the horse are about 16/1.

Happens frequently and the cost of transport, entering the horse into the race and staff wages is only recouped if the horse is placed. Which often doesn't happen.
You will often find this nowadays, trainers on the look out for suitable race conditions that give a horse a chance of winning outweigh the long journeys. They will often have 2/3 horses at one meeting to cover the cost of transport. Paul Nicholls often sends runners to Musselburgh from his Somerset base because it is a good galloping track. Another reason for the long journeys may also be because it might be the owners local track and it gives them a good chance to see their runners.


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Apr 23, 2004
Any of you esteemed followers of the form got any tips for us 'once a year' punters for the National tomorrow?
I am reading good things about Kimberlite Candy?

Think Definitly Red will be getting some hopeful each way action