Gary's January Transfer Window

Mar 29, 2021
I understand why clubs want to keep it undisclosed in the short term but,if all these figures eventually get published in accounts, couldn‘t there just be a rule that all figures have to be disclosed at the end of each transfer window?


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Feb 12, 2009
Seeing as it's the penultimate day of the long awaited January transfer window, and that we are purported to be looking to sign another couple players before the end, and that there are rumours out there about one of our own, the actual chatter on this thread is far from the main focal point of it. Isn't there anybody up at the C & F loitering spying on what's gong down, any strange characters, guys in pinstripe suits accompanying others dressed in trackies, let's get some news on what's happening not the ITK type about who is likely to be coming in before 11 tomorrow night.

P.S. we can't rely totes on AA as he should be busy himself this time of year! We need that drive past, estate agent type rumour
P.P.S 33 and half hours to go 🕚 🖊 👀