Gareth Bale


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Apr 25, 2004
The difference is that Bale has not been advocating for a move, but Pogba has said on previous occasions that he does want to. With Pogba it's been an ongoing saga for far too long, very probably instigated by his agent who would stand to gain mucho dinero.
As an MU fan I'd love for him to stay but without all the drama.
It was more the reaction of pundits/media to Bale that wound me up. When it's a moody foreign player in England you get all the usual "Le Sulk", "the game's gone", "bad agents" "foreign players are awkward etc", "they should honour their contract". Yet Bale was talked about like he was some kind of martyr who has 'sacrificed' his career and should now be allowed to do what he wants and how terribly unfair the mean nasty people at Real Madrid have been to him.

He's obvioulsy a class player when fit. I just hate the double standards applied to him and his agents.


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May 9, 2010
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A scapegoat ? For a man in his 20s to accept an offer to play in Madrid for mega bucks and associated privileges, and six years on still be unable to speak the lingo, even at a modest level, is indefensible. Training ground communication would have proved difficult and frustrating for the staff and players, tolerable perhaps for the first couple of seasons but thereafter ? Aloof, at times selfish and arrogant, no team player, who can blame them wanting to get rid.
Since we don't know him personally I think to classify him as aloof, selfish and arrogant is a stretch too far. I have said it was a mistake not to learn Spanish but some people are just not clever enough to do so : Brits are famous for being crap at languages.
The crowd have been on his back for years, as they were with Ronaldo. Maybe he just thought **** 'em. Let's face it, Madrid did not have a stellar year but Bale was still rarely selected.
This has nothing to do with Pogba : the thread title refers to Bale.


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Sep 10, 2020
I can't believe Bale has gone to Spurs! That is a great signing for them.