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Sexton Blake

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Dec 16, 2011
Started his career just down the coast at Bournemouth then over a period of 7 years went out on loan 9 times including to ourselves.
Jun 30, 2014
Time to lump on for Pompey getting promoted next season.

Please do your own research though !! 😀
Don't do it!

I'd love us to get Stockley - we had him immediately before his first spell with you - and he appeared to turn in to the player some of us thought he might when you signed him permanently from Aberdeen. However a feature of our last couple of summers have been pretty solid links with relatively high-profile players who we've then not ended up signing (e.g. Szmodics last season).

Even if we do manage to get hold of JS it's a massive rebuild for Cowley(s) this summer and with a reduced playing budget, with a fair proportion of that already tied in to players they'd probably rather not be paying as much of the overall kitty as they are. Given the relative strength of some of the other sides up at the top of the division they'd need to be alchemists to deliver at the first time of asking.

I suspect Ipswich will be terrible value with the bookies but they've got a corking manager in Cook who has got out of this league before and appears to have serious backing coming his way (he wouldn't have taken the job if that weren't the case). Rotherham will also be up there.


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Jan 30, 2021
Vale,Salford, Bristol Rovers,FGR,Orient under Kenny Jackett? all should be up there.

Bradford with Adams at the helm also knows how to do the job, despite being a twonk.

Should be a very competitive season on paper.
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andrew p long

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Jan 6, 2006
Hagley, Stourbridge
Really good to see him back fit and doing well. I would have loved to see what he could have done for us if Brentford had allowed him to stay for the whole of Matt Taylor's first season; would it have been enough to compensate for Jayden's departure at the same time.
Couldn't agree more. That season we had two loanees in O'Shea and Ogbene. Neither played for the first few months but both were starting to break into the first team before the January window. O'Shea stayed, thrived and has since played loads in the Premiership. Ogbene went back to Brentford, didn't play and ended up getting sold. He might well have broken through in that half season - whoever made the call for him to return to Brentford got it seriously wrong.