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Forest Green vs Exeter - discussion and prediction thread

Apr 19, 2005
The Village Inn at Nailsworth is opening at 10.30am for visiting fans.
In fact..
For those travelling to FGR:

Anyone fancying breakfast the Egypt Mill is serving that until 10.00am.

I have been talking to the landlord of the The Village Inn and the pub has managed to get staff in to open at 10.30am. See you there for a pint. On arrival ask for "Old Tina" and thank her personally for going the extra mile for our benefit. The least we can do is to make her till ring. As she is opening the pub early for us and forcing staff to work early, she hopes that we will be able to pop spare change into their current charities (pots available on bar) for the Air Ambulance and Longfield Hospice (local to Nailsworth). Lets leave good memories of what a great bunch we are (goes without saying really) and wear our shirts with pride.

Alternatively, for food, there is a great Chippy next door to the pub, this opens at 11.30am and Tina will let you eat your takeaway in the pub, you will have to get it down your neck quickly, I will accept no blame for indigestion.

The match? Oh yeah, there is the 63 bus service from Nailsworth Bus Station leaving at 11.56 that 'might' get you to the ground for kick-off to avoid having to waddle up "that" hill full of breakfast, cider and chips. So the matchday hospitality at FGR is far from the best, but I won't be whining about it, now the early kick off time, well don't get me started!


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Apr 1, 2004
Je suis Larry
The problem with us playing a back 4 is that we have no specialist full backs for who defence is the first priority but who get forward when they can. Key and Sparkes are wing backs who are better going forward than defending the area between the 18 yard box and the touchline/ corner flag. Caprice also likes to get forward whichever side of the pitch he is on.

With a back three Sweeney and Hartridge can cover for them, but without a central defender that they need to stay more central to avoid leaving holes, and neither of them is a central defender in the same way as Stubbs or Diabate.
Quite agree, the inability to switch to a back four is basically down to the fact of the longstanding problem of not having a "proper" left back. Losing centre halves through injury is just unfortunate, the failure to secure a full back is a huge mistake. (Waits for fans to point out that Caprice is a perfectly good player in that role.......he's not).

Red red

Apr 1, 2013
Predicted a draw not confident of this happening. Missing this game even though only 17 miles from home but have found a nice bar here in Tenerife to watch. Come on city go for it