Football to resume on June 6


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Dec 6, 2004
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So if this the case then how can football even start? There will be no vaccine next season so what are they going to do? Lock players away at isolated training camps away from other people for the duration of a season? If not then players will always be self isolating because players will always be testing positive so it becomes a farce and clubs cannot play certain players because they are self isolating. It's ridiculous. It will get to a point where we have to accept we have to live with this virus in the absence of rubbish scientists not finding a vaccine if football and other things we enjoy are to be able to take place again.
Football will start one of these 3 things are true:

1 there is a vaccine
2 the virus is eliminated from the UK (zero cases)
3 the risk of illness is seen as acceptable

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Dec 14, 2009
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There are hundreds of top level footballers. Only a handful make it into the press for the wrong reasons, and that’s because they’re the [email protected]
Life has taught me that a small but significant proportion of any group are ar**holes - be they footballers, policemen, train drivers, doctors, whoever. Of course the proportion is highest for politicians and newspaper opinion commentators..


Apr 9, 2005
I think we can stop thinking there is any chance of play offs for League 1 and 2, it looks certain now that it will be PPG to decide all promotion and relegation issues. With only the Championship in the EFL possibly still having playoffs, as there is still a tv audience for that and money at stake.

It feels like no one really cares about little old League 1 and 2 and it’s hard to see next season starting before next year at the earliest now. How are going to be able to handle the lack of ash flow over an extended period like this? These are worrying times for the club and the EFL as a whole.

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May 6, 2005
That's correct, over the next 6 months the treatment of severe Covid-19 should improve. There is no current cure, whilst the vaccine is being developed, scientists are also working on treatments to help improve survivability using antibodies of the infected, which should be a fair bit sooner than the vaccine which would stop you getting it at all.

There's a big difference between the 2, however you can see that if the severity was reduced then the overall risk factor comes down and makes playing sport etc more palatable. It's the best we can hope for this year at least.