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Fixtures Release Date - Thursday 23 June 9am

Avening Posse

Very well known Exeweb poster
Dec 31, 2013
I’ve been to a few away matches on Boxing Day over the years and I don’t have fond memories of any of them, as far as I can recall.
The worst one was Oxford in 2015.
One of their defenders, Dunkley I think, should have had a second yellow in the first half when the game was still relatively even but the referee bottled it.
Unsurprising Dunkley was subbed at half time because everyone in the ground (even the referee I suspect) knew that any foul by him in the second half would have to be a sending off.
Of course we lost, 3:0.
And as if that wasn’t frustrating enough because our car was in that odd car park arrangement behind the goal we spend another significant chunk of the festive period in a lengthy queue waiting to get out.
You do have to wonder at times why we do it. Probably because we can’t help ourselves I suppose.
Also bleddy freezing that day


Well-known Exeweb poster
Dec 3, 2020
I'd be amazed if we took anywhere near a thousand. It's a pig of a place to get to from Exeter (over 4 hours on clear roads) and the first weekend of the school holidays, so roads will be chaotic. Surprisingly it is possible as a day trip by train although the ticket price of £150 is ridiculous (probably able to shave a few quid off that by ticket splitting). I think we only took 500 or so for the playoff match there, although that was also on TV.
1st game back in League One for quite some time? I seem to recall the first game back in L2 Darlington away we took almost 650. I appreciate it's not the same kevel as the Leeds game where we took over 2000 but I would be disaapointed if we werent close to selling out