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Jul 12, 2019
Wasn’t a great race in Monte Carlo yesterday...the biggest drama was in the pits before the formation lap with Ferrari attempting in vain to to fix the gremlins in Leclerc’s gearbox...not sure there was a single overtaking manoeuvre on the track at the front end of the race, there seemed to be a three to five seconds gap between the top six throughout, as Lewis said the track could do with a couple of tweaks to try to create an overtaking place somewhere....whether something could be done or not heading down to rascasse I don’t know.
Not sure if you can really do anything to improve it. Saturday is always the exciting day of a Monaco GP with qualifying. If it wasn't the history, prestige and glamour it wouldn't be a GP these days. Same can be said of Abu Dhabi or Sochi without the money they pay.

Pity Leclerc binned it badly enough to waste the pole position although whether he would have kept is another matter with Verstappen and Sainz going quicker until the red flag came out. He didn't just clip the corner either, he cut it by a lot.

When Mercedes have a bad weekend they really do have one. Good to see Lando on the podium again.

Onto Baku which can be entertaining on a track of two half's.

Red Devon

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Apr 1, 2004
Colossal fcuk up from Hamilton on the restart yesterday that could well cost him the title at the end of the year.