F1 2017


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Apr 18, 2009
That's a blast from the past, didn't Winklehock use to drive for the old Zakspeed team...that was anything but speed!?
Not sure he drove for Zakspeed but I believe he drove briefly in F1 for Ram-Hart. He got killed in Canada in 1985 while for driving for Kremer Porsche.

I found F1 so much more interesting in the days when there was a greater input from British cars, engines and drivers. Mercedes put their badge on the British Ilmor engines before buying the company outright. Ilmore is once again an independent company and although they produced a motorcycle engine they've yet to re-enter F1.

One of my favourite F1 moments was during the 1984 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch when both the Ferrari's racing one behind the other, were blue flagged to let the novice driver Ayrton Senna through in his British Toleman-Hart. Magic stuff.