Exeweb's fund raiser for Kit Out The Cliff

Max Payne 2

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Jun 27, 2005
Anybody have a good idea about the comparative costs of donation websites? IIRC Just Giving for charities asks for voluntary donations to pay their expenses rather than deductions from the principal donated.
Gofundme does both. They sneak a message in about making a tip on top of skimming the donations. A friend organised one for us when my son was diagnosed with brain cancer. There's no way a whip round among friends would have helped us out as much as the GoFundMe did - though the process of 'claiming' the fundraiser was far from smooth and added unwelcome stress at a difficult time. GoFundMe take about 2% plus a small fee ($0.30AUD) per donation. On the plus side it's very easy to donate which is what you need.


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Dec 3, 2020
All donations to Kit out the Cliff will be kept in the Trust's fundraising account until funds are requested for specific items on our "shopping list ".

When Exeweb's donation is transferred , I will confirm receipt & check how you want it applied.
For instance, our current target is an Induction hob for the kitchen, the cost is £1329 but donations mean we now need only £594 more to cover the cost.

There will be a Sponsors' Board erected at the Cliff Hill on completion of the project & Exeweb's name will be on it.

Tonight we raised £160 at the Fans Forum raffle, this brings the total amount raised to £37,005 so ££22,995 to go!

Thank you all so much for your support.

Elaine Davis.
Well done Elaine. Tremendous effort much appreciated


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May 27, 2007
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I've transferred £585.54 to the fund raising account.

That'll be enough to pay for a TV for one of the coaches, and complete the payment for an induction hob in the kitchen.

We're still accepting donations!