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Exeter City vs Reading - EFL Trophy - match day thread. 7pm kick off

fred binneys head

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Apr 1, 2004
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I would be pleased to hear that these commentators had been blown up at half time, they aren't commentators, they're just chatting about the history of Reading, their families, etc. Fcuking awful.
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Apr 19, 2005
haven't manged to work out how to get onto a commentary on ifollow, probably wont bother now...
Don’t bother, Radio Berkshire? Bring back Sohail Sahi, I don’t think I have heard a worse ‘commentary’ they haven’t mentioned the game for 5 mins, though I have heard about York’s architecture l, the commentators children, more about a game they played against Barnet 20 years ago…

…as for the football? even more forgetful