Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Official Matchday Thread

Saint James

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Apr 7, 2004
Yeah heard that as I was leaving the BB. Absolute gimp. Bring back Fullsy.
Agreed on that - this guy is totally cringeworthy. We crack up when he repeats the score at half time (as if no-one is aware) and tell us that we need to score to get back on level terms or the like. A total plank although possibly not really high up on the list of things that need sorting at the club!!!!!


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Mar 9, 2004
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After seeing those highlights - Pym should of pushed the first strike around the post or further away from danger IMO.
I totally agree. Pym kept us in the game with his agility and reflexes, which seem to make up for this stature problem he apparently has. He'll be disappointed with that first goal though, where he got two good hands on it and could easily have put it much wider than he did or pushed it away for a corner. I'm not altogether sure how the second goal went in either. The ball was struck from outside the penalty box, and I'm assuming that because Pym did the Kevin Miller statuesque thing and stayed rooted to the spot was because he couldnt see through the players in front of him. Spectators behind that goal will have a better understanding how that got in.
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