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Exeter City versus Oxford United matchday thread

Bridgy 81

Active member
Jun 9, 2021
Spot on. The context is that City's plan for this 17 year old central defender was to loan him out to Saltash this season to get him experience of men's football.

Saltash are in the 9th tier. That's not Tivvy level - in fact its two levels below Tivvy. Nobody should expect him to be ready for League One football - and City thought the same when playing the likes of Key and Kite at centre back before James. First loans are great learning experiences and often don't seem to work out - the example of Pond at Tivvy given by Rosencrantz is exactly right. The time to judge will be after those loans and when he is older.
Well said.
But how about sending him on loan to Bridgwater United who are in an early battle with Saltash and Shepton Mallet for the Western League title.
Plus, I could wander down to watch him and report on his progress here.


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Jan 28, 2019
Am I the only one who wasn't overly impressed by Ed James?

Now before people jump on me in his defence, I'm aware he's only 17, came on when we were already getting smashed, and was up against an experienced player in Taylor and by no means am I writing him off, I just think he needs to be stronger on the first contact if he's going to dominate as a centre half. He's certainly got the size.
As others have said, it wouldn't be fair to judge him on that performance. To be playing centre back at 17, in league one, against an experienced striker like Taylor is far too much to ask.