Exeter City v Northampton Town - League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium


Jan 28, 2016
As I used to say when Tisdale was in charge, i am not sure where Exeter city fans get the idea that not winning promotion is a fail, it's certainly not based on our history, unless you want to consider us an huge wedge of fail.

Anyway wasn't my point this time, as you seem to have ignored the point of my post totally, I am merely saying we need to look at our financial situation next year, to decide what would and would not be considered a fail.
Our situation next year might have been made better by playing bigger teams and thus creating more revenue. If crowds are allowed of course. This won't happen now because of the failure of Matt and the players yet fans are asked to donate money and give up season ticket monies etc and pre booked ticket monies etc which of course we don't have to do. But it sticks in the throat a bit the club asking for donations when their employees dish up that dogsh*t and expect to get paid and have a career.

Sorry. Just p*ssed off.


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Apr 2, 2004
BBC report says it all. Men against boys:

82 mins
Post update
Exeter 0-3 Northampton
It's been as one-sided a game as you could realistically hope for in a play-off final, for Northampton fans.
Cobblers have had nine efforts on target to Exeter's one.


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Nov 29, 2005
It's not a conspiracy theory but I have heard the most loyal of Grecians question if the club really wants to be in League One due to the financial implications of competing at a higher level (as well documented by Tisdale). Three woeful Wembley play-off final performances are just an unfortunate coincidence.
Moot point given that we clearly dont have the squad or even the team good enough for L1.