Exeter City v Leyton Orient official match day thread


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May 14, 2007
Lot of talk on commentary about how bad Orient, but when you go 2-0 down in 13 minutes,it's a long way back.

Iceman-Could have got his deck chair and picnic out for most of the match,but was able to switch on when needed

Centre backs - Didn't think Mac could play in a back 4 but when you put a young centre back next to him,he is different player.Hartridge had his best game ever.Long passes were dangerous and very safe in defence.

Fullbacks-Key is coming to pre-injury form and Page is an asset when injury free.

Midfield - Taylor is easily the best centre mid in the squad.He was everywhere. You realise how good Collins fits into the team when he isn't there.Willmott was reliable as usual,works well with Key.

Forwards.Jay was always finding that yard of space.Orient couldn't catch him.Randall is close to be being back ,but he gets so upset when he misses a chance or pass.Chill.He damages his confidence by doing that....Bowman we won't get in the playoffs without him.Simple as that.

Subs didn't make much impact.The game was already over.Dont agree with all the criticism Atangana is getting .We bought him at a time when our build up play was much slower.This fast ,high energy attacking style isn't his game.He needs more time for his passing and he hasn't got that extra yard of pace.City have moved on,that's all it is.


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Dec 30, 2015
Just logged in to see half time score and pleased to see we romped home,these different kick offs are a b##er to remember,but well done city,handily placed with a game in hand UTC !