Exeter City v Colchester United Playoff 2nd Leg Matchday Thread


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Mar 9, 2004
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It’s amazing how the referee gets criticised when we lose and lauded when we win. I thought he was awful last night, giving free kicks and yellow cards for innocuous challenges. Not sure the players would score him highly.

I totally disagree. The referee was excellent, playing advantage where possible and running the game really well. I didnt see one debateable decision of note. Mr FBH, I think you'll be pretty much on your own with such scathing criticism from your living room.

andrew p long

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Jan 6, 2006
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Don't know what Pete's view will be, but another decent referee again tonight, IMO, so there are some decent lower league officials out there after all.
A very good call by the lino re Bowman’s goal. By the time Bowman received the ball he was miles clear of the last defender (and in real time therefore I thought he was offside). Flag stayed down but replays showed he was onside when the ball was played - a difficult but entirely correct call.