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Exeter City FC Vs Derby County FC - Matchday Thread


Very well known Exeweb poster
Mar 9, 2004
Avondale (Near Phoenix) Arizona, USA.
Blackman has been very good this season, I feel a certain pride in having him in our team, he's such a presence. All this has blown up because he misjudged the curl that McGoldrick put on his free kick, stupid mistake but understandable.
One solitary post here that pretty much sums up the goal that Blackman conceded. It really doesnt matter how poor the City 'wall' was, it was set in such a way that Blackman could see that ball from the moment it was struck, he clearly followed the balls flight, and had he kept his arms outstretched, he would have got to it with comfort. As it was, he thought the ball was going wide, and had enough time to look back and see it go inside his post. Blackman is indeed a top keeper for the lower leagues, but he does make mistakes; this was one of them.