European super league...


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Jul 12, 2019
In conjunction with Project Big Picture you can see what Liverpool were up to, although it wasn't exactly a big leap in imagination anyway. The only difference is this is a FIFA backed competition and not UEFA.

Try to clear some pesky domestic games away so they can play in some real money spinning games. The offer to the EFL of 25% of PL revenue would have been a quickly shrinking figure whilst they coin it in from the Euro PL.

Antony Moxey

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Jun 24, 2004
Unless there’s proper promotion and relegation I can’t see this going as well as they’d like. Already all over social media fans have said they don’t want their teams involved, and if this league is a genuine breakaway league then I’m not sure it’s going to be the money spinner they hoped for.

People will soon lose interest in Harlem Globetrotter football and not shell out for yet another football subscription and also not bother renewing with BT Sport and Sky if the best teams are no longer in the Premier League. And if they’re not careful they could well price fans out of the stadiums if they’re asked to stump up extra for a premium product.

Interesting that the main protagonists are American owners, no doubt keen to emulate the US franchise systems that work so well for their sports - Im not entirely sure we’re so keen on the idea on this side of the pond.