ECFC v Cambridge Official match day thread


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Mar 9, 2004
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Judging by the berating the Cambridge goalkeeper gave the guilty defender after the penalty was awarded, I imagine he was asking the same question!

I have to say that at the time I thought it was a penalty but it was along way from the BB where I was standing. But in all fairness to both sides of this argument, this all seems to come about from the question of what is an unnatural hand position, for most examples you see it appears to be that only when your arms are down tucked in to your sides, but as many players, pundits and fans have pointed out, you can't jump without raising your arms or turn without putting an arm out for balance and in general unless you're a soldier standing to attention, arms by your sides is a far more unnatural position.

This is an impossible call for refs in reality and I still say that a penalty should be awarded if the defending team gains an advantage from a hand ball regardless of whether it was intensional or not. That may seem unlucky or even unfair but its no more unlucky or unfair than it is for the attacking team losing their advantage and IMO the benefit should always be in favour of the attacking team.
Fair enough Bill, that sums up how things went down perfectly adaquately.

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Jan 11, 2010
Because he is invariably shorter than the man he is up against, I think that Wheeler gets away with murder when he challenges in the air. People feel he is good in the air and he does win a lot of challenges, but if you consider his arms are always on the opponents shoulders, you begin to get an idea why...I don't blame him in any way, however, you can understand why defenders would get upset when decisions go against them.
I don't know what you are watching. I'm not saying he never jostles with an opponent and commits an infringement , but defenders frequently fold their arms around him, or put their hands on his shoulder, to prevent him jumping once they realise he can jump higher and time his leap better than they can.There were numerous examples of this on Saturday.


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Apr 1, 2004
"careless, reckless or using excessive force", dear boy...:D:D

TBF, I though T. Kettle had a good game, he was a bit over-lenient to their rough handling of Wheeler but otherwise even-handed I thought.
Mr Kettle called Grimsby's game off last night. He must put some serious miles on his car to get to these games. I thought the Referees were slightly more local than that!!!!!