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EACQ 2022 Roy's Pop Up Bank


Very well known Exeweb poster
May 5, 2009
Avoiding the Hundred
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Roy's Pop Up Bank will be managed by the Quiz GA



1. Admission to the Bank is allowed only to those who have Roys awarded to them as recorded in their accounts on the latest published main scoreboard. So if a competitor earns a Roy today they must wait until tomorrow to cash it in.

2. Roy Holders can only make three postings per question. If this limit is exceeded a suspicious activity report will be made to the Bank of England and your Roy will bounce. You may be excluded from the Bank so do keep count carefully.

3. Conversion Rate is 1 Roy = 1 Point that will be credited on the main Scoreboard at the end of the day.

4. Initially there will be three questions a day posted at various random times. Quantitative Easing may permit a greater quota later depending on the stock of questions left.

5. No further Roys can be won on this thread.

6. The QM will not offer any assistance.