December 2020 Points Prediction Thread


Aug 14, 2018

With the Newport game waterlogged out, yet another points adjustment has been required. :mad:

Nobody had an adjusted score of the 7 points actually achieved after eliminating the Stevenage and Newport predictions. The 6 and 8 pointers had to be considered.

Stroudy went down to 5 points once the Newport game was eliminated leaving only CC on 6 points but with only two results correctly forecast so he went out.

Of the 8 pointers Hants_Red, Corey, rifraf and Billy the Fish came back into contention once the Newport game prediction was eliminated.

Alistair20000, Billy The Fish, Corey and jimmy predicted 3 match results correctly so Hants_Red, RedPaul and rifraf who had fewer correct results went out at that stage along with CC.

Only Corey and Billy The Fish got a score spot on, the FGR 1-1 draw each, so they were the last two men standing. So it went to goals on the Cheltenham and Tranmere games where they both predicted the result correctly but not the goals. Despite being miles out, Corey was just a bit closer than Fishtail in his goal predictions.

Corey therefore has it. Uglier win than that goal that went in off Ryan Bowman's arse. :) This was a follow up by Corey to his September victory. 👏

If anyone disagrees do appeal as this was all rather messy.

Many biscuits consumed by the Tie Break Committee.
Not my most glamorous win but I’ll take it! 🤣