Colchester United FC v Exeter City FC Matchday Thread

Ashford Grecian

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Feb 28, 2010
The Real Ashford(Middx)
Odd..I went past the £6 parking on the left and parked in an industrial estate 20 minutes away for £2..was at the next roundabout after the one you paid in...
I did see the next estate but there didn't appear to be any stewards policing the road or car par signs / prices indicated... I went way past that and then back again... Will bear in mind for next season if we are still in league 1...

Northants Grecian

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May 3, 2005
In a meeting somewhere, some place...
Good for you then.

Anything to add about the game at all?
I added my comments on the game a couple of pages earlier...

Ashford..can only say bad luck lad..there was a friendly female steward collecting when I got there...was expecting to pay a fiver and was pleased to pay 2 quid...

First time in years I didn't buy a programme or food so that 2 quid was my entire outlay for the day...


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May 22, 2007
I instantly forgot about this game what with it being New Years Eve. Looking back, this was a typical City performance of which we've been accustomed to. I've been to the last three away games, all of which have been short trips for me, but I pity the poor bastards who hauled their sorry arse's all the way from Exeter to watch the lacklustre dross we've been served up in December.

In all three games we pretty much gave up at some stage in the 2nd half. Against the O's & Colchester, heads dropped after going 1 down, and against Wycombe heads dropped after the pen miss and we never looked like getting back in it. I can put up with general lack of quality, but lack of desire & willpower is unforgiveable.

People talk about missing Harley, but the real loss is the leadership of Sir Rob, followed by Matty T. No one on the pitch grabs the game by the balls and lifts the tempo when we really need it. People can bang on about tactics and formations, but it's a leader we are sorely missing that can inspire others around him. None of this lot bring anything like that to the party.

We've played teams just around us and given them their easiest 2nd half's they are likely to have all season, yesterday was just so depressing to see Bauza hauled off to preserve him for Yeovil and just lay down and accept a 2-0 defeat with 30 mins to go. Relegation is beckoning.