City Moments You Wished You Could See Again

Avening Posse

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Dec 31, 2013
My most favourite memory was the Newcastle home game, massive crowd under the lights, white hot atmosphere, amazing win. I will never forget it. Newport away in 83 and Hereford away in the year we won the league under Terry Cooper are pretty memorable too. Beating Argyle away when Alan Ball was manager another big one, and watch the YouTube clip now and again to cheer me up. Maybe it's an age thing, I was 12 when we played Newcastle and 21 in the championship year under Cooper, and I have stronger memories of those days than the more recent successes, although Rotherham was a big one, and the first trip to Wembley even though we lost


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Feb 11, 2005
In RaWZ we trust....Amen.
Brilliant that it's a British flag with AWL on it :)
There was a debate on a forum(may have been this one) about when the use of English teams football flags migrated to using the Cross of St George instead.
The consensus was it happened around Italia 90.

I have often wondered why it happened then & not before.
The other three home nations always had their own national flag at football grounds...Interesting why English teams held onto the Union Flag for so long(as indeed did the national side)