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Chiefs on the brink?!

Sep 23, 2005
There can be little doubt that the Chiefs are a recent invention. New name, new ground, new business model, new branding, new fanbase, etc.
Are they an Exeter team? Yes, of course. They are based in the city. But that doesn't mean I am proud that they are a part of where I live.
The Chiefs and top tier rugby represent so much of what I don't like in professional sport today - the concentration of power and money, its smothering affect on competition, etc.
It's the same reason I don't have much interest or take any pride in football's Premier League. If City were ever to get to the top tier under our present ownership model I'd be immensely proud (and not a little smug). If it meant selling our club to the highest bidder to get there, I think I'd probably feel differently. Come back to me when it happens.
I agree re the sport and it’s money/power/protectionism although I don’t think that’s much different than football with the parachute payments system.

Nick Hawker explained that parachute payments inflate wages all the way down though the leagues.

My point being, the top echelons of both football and rugby influence (not in a good way) those not in the top club.

I do think there’s a real possibility of Chiefs running into some serious trouble.

The professional game has gone too far too soon. The loss of three clubs last year has coincided with a reduction in financial support for the next level down. Hard to see an improved TV deal being offered given the league is now smaller.

Looks like the stadium expansion was a mistake they may regret for a long time.


Active member
May 5, 2004
Exactly. Surely much better to stay at Leonardo, or Rougemont, or whatever the Eye Infirmary is called these days. Much closer to the action.
You're looking at it from a "leisure" perspective. I suspect the target audience for the SP hotel is "business", especially when there are quality conferencing facilities a few hundred yards away.