Bury v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread.


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Jun 22, 2007
It's not as gloomy as when we were bottom of league two with a manager on a two year rolling contract and 3 home wins in the calender year. That was a low point. This run of games was often fobbed off under Tisdale and he would usually have a run of 10 games without winning too. It's not time to hit the panic button yet, we have the playerd and ability to play good football and a young manager in his first season. Let's not be kneejerking about doom and gloom and believe in what we have. I think we have a run of "easier games" and shoul be notching some points up again by Christmas. Either way Taylor has this season as an experience building and learning curve, we won't be near the bottom but maybe expecting promotion from a rookie is too much.
I agree in every way with this, and people need to remember how dire it was, bar for one thing - Tisdale had already proven himself with the back-to-back promotions etc., whereas Taylor has no pedigree, and that is more of a worry, especially when you remember how it went for Sir Rob at Tranmere


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Apr 1, 2004
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How does one get to that point ?
I guess what I'm saying is that while i support the manager and accept he is on a learning curve, trust is something I withhold until I am satisfied that learning really is happening and that we really do have the best man for the job. That currently is an unknown. I shall wait and see.