All Time Academy, Youth 11


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Feb 6, 2005
Kind of the point I was trying to make. Those around the time of the mid to late 90's had the talent but maybe not the same opportunity or environment the youngsters have now, either through the academy system or at senior level. Players like McConnell, Phillips and Richardson managed to stay in the pro game from around that time. Holloway, Breslin and Speakman seemed to come up against a wall under Blakey's era although he did play them. For Mudge it was the change from youth to first team dressing rooms. It was a shame Mudge couldn't hold on a few months until Eamo took over and changed the ethos of the dressing room.

Given the backing and care the boys get now, it could have been different for those players long term careers. We'll never know.
My point was more the opposite. The best of the players coming through are always hyped. Ultimately, don't think during that era they were good enough. Holloway probably the pick from the late 90s crop. Similar game to Archie Collins, but Collins is streets ahead. Breslan was rated... Don't think he'd get a look in these days. That said, it's ultimately impossible to tell which interpretation is closer to the truth... Maybe those players wouldve thrived with our current set up...who knows. Maybe they were just very average, but the best we had to he excited about.