2 years from now


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Aug 22, 2007
Far away across the field
As far as I can see GI's total planning efforts for Torquay's new stadium have been the cut & paste job above and this Youtube video for a 'Stadium Arena' which must have taken them half their coffee break to dash off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2rm_S4B8XQ

The stadium 'converts' by walling off the pitch and having retractable seating and looks impressive with the 40 -50,000 capacity stadium demonstrated. it only takes 6 minutes says the film - yeah right. GI say they will build a 10,000 seater version which due to economy of scale and once the 'patented wall technology' springs into action, should leave enough space for a busking duo. a couple of hot dog stalls and the next wonderful GI Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

I'd love to be playing the Gulls again and Gary Johnson looks like he's getting results.

The second year of this two year plan though? The Conference will be a tough nut to crack and not being shafted over Plainmoor will be a bonus.
Als we will have been promoted. :)


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Jun 4, 2008
I think there will still be two divisions between us. Us in the 3rd tier, Argyle in the 4th and the Gulls in the fifth. Torquay will walk this league, as they should, being the only full time team. The next step up will be much harder. Assuming that Johnson stays I'm sure that the Gulls will be in the top eight, but I don't see them as being able to compete financially with the top teams. Without a meaningful youth setup like ours that not only produces players that we quickly sell on like Ampadu and Storey (who both only played a handful of games) we have had players well above our level like Watkins and Grimes who we have had great benefit from for a season or so. We have also had really good quality players until they are 24 that other clubs covet but don't want to pay for like Sercombe, JMT and probably in the summer Pym. Although Argyle have a reasonable youth scheme ( they occasionally beat our youth groups, but it's rare) virtually none of them make the grade, mainly because they aren't given a chance and they don't have the patience. It's our youth scheme that will see us become the top dogs in Devon within two years and keep us there.


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Nov 9, 2007
If i had to agree with you we would both be wrong
"Well Argyle for me has always represented a relatively minor club in a remote area, which nonetheless somehow manages to compete with the “big boys”.
2nd tier has always been the best we can really aspire to.
We’ve always tried to play positive, attacking, entertaining football to excite the crowd and perform above our station, really.
There’s always been a need to bring on local talent and give them a real opportunity, and the crowd absolutely love this, being so remotely located local players mean a lot more.
The crowd has always been able to really relate to its favourites, and they to the crowd, and a buzz of excitement has always gone through the ground when they are on the ball.
Likewise managers have always appreciated the crowd, and there has been mutual respect for each other.

I suppose many of these things are not strictly values, but for me they do represent what the club is about"

And there is the mentality of your typical janner , still deluding themselves that they are a big team !