£100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

Good enhancement of the matchday experience, over priced vanity project, do the fans really want one

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  • No

  • Don't know

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Jan 4, 2020
This chestnut again. We have been over and over the logistics every time our friend from Arizona raises it.

Agree there is unlikely to be a demand, and the cost can never be justified, but in any case IMO it'd be fewer then 300 extra seats. Each full block of the stand only has 400 seats, so any triangular extension would seat more like 200, unless Network Rail removed their implacable opposition to the stand jutting out over the Jungle Path and railway embankment on a flying freehold. And then there would be the problem with replacing the current toilets and refreshments for the BB.

The only significant opportunity to improve the capacity of SJP would be a small double-decker stand in St James Road and round the corner of Well Street, butting onto the SASS.
Could we not fill the gap with a 2-D mock up of a stand, each seat filled with different images of our 'Arizona correspondent', each one of them slightly (and deceptively) smaller than the real thing?

Just a suggestion.
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