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  1. pelsey

    The Drinkers and the Thinkers.

    Agreed, especially when some go round putting negative ideas in fans' heads. No City fan wants to hear their club disrespected, especially by those who are employed by the club. One example I know of was a player who will remain anonymous outside Arena nightclub, clearly tanked up, happily...
  2. pelsey

    Bids rejected

    Surely not another striker?
  3. pelsey

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2010-11

    Those Peterborough and Huddersfield odds look dodgy?! Anyway, £1.50 on Hudders please.
  4. pelsey

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2010-11

    £1 on Southampton please. :-)
  5. pelsey

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2010-11

    £499 on Sheff Wed v Southampton draw.
  6. pelsey


    Don't share tips pal, never come in when you do! Or that's what I've found anyway...
  7. pelsey

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2010-11

    £250 on Notts County, Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield to win.
  8. pelsey


    1 out of 3, that was a great shout. Do take notice of this bloke's predictions for tomorrow. ;)
  9. pelsey

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2010-11

    £250 accumulator on Bournemouth, Charlton and Sheff Wed to win.
  10. pelsey

    Supporters Team (or anyone willing to take charge!)

    If exeweb doesn't do a team I am sure the YST will be interested.
  11. pelsey

    Glastonbury 2010

    They weren't, just the same old sh*te they always do. Most predictable headliners ever.
  12. pelsey

    Anyone else hear Tisdale's Interview

    After reading this thread it really does sound like, from the majority, we are down already. I don't call 1 point off safety doomed. Contrary to what a lot of people think, I believe we are good enough to stay up this season. We were hardly outplayed yesterday were we? In fairness to Oldham a...
  13. pelsey

    Brighton vs Exeter prediction thread

    0-0 written all over it.
  14. pelsey

    6 a side footie?

    Re: 5 a side footie? No loans allowed, please see my previous post.
  15. pelsey

    6 a side footie?

    Re: 5 a side footie? Sadly that will be Josh's only appearance for the exeweb 6-a-side team as i am tying him down to the YST 6-a-side team on a one year deal. Any other appearances and you will have to pay a substantial fee.
  16. pelsey

    6 a side footie?

    Re: 5 a side footie? Denham and Hutchins strikeforce?!! Lethal.
  17. pelsey


    Is there a specific one at London Bridge that people will be going to? Football Ground Guide mentioned The Shipwright Arms...
  18. pelsey


    Clap, probably last one of the season for me.
  19. pelsey

    Southampton Prediction thread

    City 0-2 Saints
  20. pelsey


    Another month of struggle ahead.